Critical Products

Less is more.

Mission critical processes need a power system that is cleaner and more reliable than what a typical utility can provide. MCS Critical Power products achieve power availability by providing immediate UPS backup power and power switching solutions, reducing disturbances on the power system.


With the MCS unique Critical Power Products, Data Center managers can now spend more time optimizing other critical operations instead of worrying about the reliability of the traditional UPS. Our solution is simple, safe, reliable, scalable, and friendly.


MCS solutions permit load devices (servers, racks, fans, etc.) to survive line power interruptions and to properly connect additional backup power sources. MCS UPS products are based on proven invertor technology and offer exactly what is needed of the UPS – survivability of short term power outages while providing connectivity between utility and backup power sources.

Currently we offer single phase and three phase ride-thru systems. Their small sizes and simplicity make them easy to deploy. Along with built-in innovative testing capabilities (patent pending), our UPS can help users operate a critical facility with ease.


The 30~60 second power systems (Innovative patent) offer endless possibilities. Depending on power utility availability, our products enable users to customize their DC reliability and availability. Users can achieve various tier levels even in a single room. Our engineers with many years of DC and UPS experience can provide design guideline for such efforts.