MCS STS transfers electrical loads from one source to another, protecting the critical equipment from power loss. During a fault condition, the MCS STS continues to conduct current, allowing downstream load function without interruption. By incorporating the MCS STS into your power infrastructure many UPS/building configurations are possible.



MCS STS products run through advanced fault detection algorithms and refer back to the preferred power source before making an informed decision to transfer. Such intelligent program loaded in the STS products ensures this transfer is initiated only when it is needed and only when there can be no damage to your critical load or supplies.


Less is more. Clean, easy to operate, clear status identification without any complicated control interface or grandiose display.


Our philosophy centers on high reliability, low maintenance, robust design with redundant detection circuitry. By continually monitoring power quality, the STS switch automatically transfers to an alternate source without interruption of power to even your most sensitive critical loads, with a sense and transfer time of less than 6ms.

Wide Product Offer Range

15 thru 50 Amp
415, 380, 480 VAC
3 Phase