A simpler solution to keep fans running.



Key Characteristic

  • Simple to install: Each system can be installed by an operator. There is no need to wait for highly technical personnel.
  • Simple to deploy: Every system is fully commissioned and factory tested. Once installed and connected to the line power, it is ready to take the load.
  • Simple to use: Our UPS is easy to use as a microwave oven. It allows management flexibility of staffing. It facilitates easier remote or unmanned site operation.
  • Simple to test: Testing can be done locally and remotely with the push of a button or click of a mouse. Results are instantly provided to operators. The system enables remote site monitoring.
  • Simple to fix: Since the system is like a small appliance, it can be replaced with ease in the unlikely event it fails. Our warranty program can help users eliminate their repair budget.

Key Feature

  • ┬áStandard dual power inputs to enhance load device level redundancy.
  • ┬áCompact in size and weight. Battery is integrated inside the UPS unit. Easy to install, deploy, test and replace.
  • Automatic power transfer via the UPS. Transfer time between power sources is less than 20 milliseconds.
  • Patented UPS load test capability allows easy remote and local UPS and battery testing.
  • Digital interfaces for remote UPS operation and alarm indication. Easy identification of local UPS alarm status.
  • No flammable gas risk in normal use. Sealed CSB VRLA batteries are an integral part of the UPS. Battery is sealed air tight.
  • Wide ranges of operation voltage and frequency.
  • High efficiency while in standby mode. Uses only 2% additional power during battery-charging mode.
  • Ease of maintenance. Testing can be performed locally or remotely without special protection or tools.
  • Harmonic distortion for all units is less than 3% (linear load at full equipment capacity).
  • All units are CE listed. Two models are currently UL listed.

Download MCS 3 Phase UPS Bim File 
BIM file for other models will be ready soon.